Dr. Yasmin Azher

Family Physician Oncologist

Dr. Yasmin Azher is a dedicated physician, caring for patients with empathy and compassion in Manitoba’s North. Growing up, Dr…

Dr. Yasmin Azher is a dedicated physician, caring for patients with empathy and compassion in Manitoba’s North. Growing up, Dr. Azher was witness to the results of poor and sparse healthcare by observing her father’s work as an MP and mother’s work as the Director of the Social Welfare department. She was born in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, and educated at Chittagong Medical College. Dr. Azher is committed to alleviating the health disparities faced by those who have many barriers to care. She is a pillar in Thompson, where her colleagues and the community members admire her unwavering dedication to her patients’ well being.

Dr. Azher provides a range of care at the Thompson Clinic, Thompson General Hospital, and CancerCare Manitoba’sThompson site. She is proud of having completed oncology training, a milestone that broadens the horizons of her practice and allows her to make a profound impact on the lives of those nearing the end of life.” Her roles extend beyond clinical duties, as she serves as a Clinical Teacher with the University of Manitoba, supervising and enriching the foundations of medical education. Additionally, she chairs the Continued Professional Development program for the Northern Regional Health Authority, further contributing to healthcare excellence.

While she has received many awards and accolades, Dr. Azher says the true measure of her success in medicine is the dazzling smiles of [her] patients following their triumphant success with the cruel battle of harsh illness.” Colleague Dr. Mona Melek says Dr. Azher is a dedicated family physician, highly knowledgeable, and plays a vital role in Continued Professional Development workshops.”

Like many of her colleagues, Dr. Azher is concerned about the physician shortage and has actively engaged with stakeholders to address the problem, particularly as it pertains to rural and Northern underserviced areas. Her advocacy and affiliation with various initiatives aim to inspire international medical graduates to pursue their dreams in Canada, helping to fill the gaps in healthcare. 

During rare moments of downtime, Dr. Azher indulges in writing poems, exploring classic literature like Shakespearean sonnets, trying new recipes, and enjoying quality time with her husband, brilliant son, friends, and family. Resilient in the face of adversity, Dr. Azher lives by the belief that all dreams can come true with the courage to pursue them.”

Dr. Jenette Hayward


Dr. Jenette Hayward’s roots run deep in Manitoba, where she grew up, completed medical school and her pediatric residency in…

Dr. Jenette Hayward’s roots run deep in Manitoba, where she grew up, completed medical school and her pediatric residency in 2013 and now provides care for medically complex children. Her commitment to her patients has become a beacon of hope for families across the province. She began her career part-time at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, specifically in the Feeding Clinic. In 2017, she began full-time work in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, focusing on Rehabilitation and Complex Care. Dr. Hayward now practices at both the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Children’s Hospital, providing inpatient and outpatient Feeding and Complex Care services while attending the Pediatric Special Care Unit.

For Dr. Hayward, practicing medicine is not just a profession. She says the most rewarding experiences are the journeys I get to take with families.” She truly values the opportunity to build relationships and collaborate with patients and their families from the initial overwhelming moments to celebrating the victories and achievements that once seemed impossible. Dr. Kristina Joyal is always grateful when she and Dr. Hayward share patients. Dr. Joyal says she can always count on Dr. Hayward going above and beyond when managing and coordinating care for very medically complex children. Dr. Joyal is inspired by Dr. Hayward’s commitment to improving access for children across the province and out of province catchment areas that include Nunavut and northwestern Ontario.

Dr. Hayward’s dedication extends beyond individual patients to broader concerns in medicine. She is worried about the escalating medical complexity in patient cases and the imperative need for adequate resources and support to ensure the best possible care for all. Her proudest professional accomplishment is the complex care program she developed in Manitoba — a testament to her vision and commitment to enhancing healthcare services for children with intricate medical needs. Her story is an inspiration, reminding us that being a physician goes beyond medicine — it’s about building connections, celebrating victories, and advocating for those whose voices may not be heard.

When not practicing medicine, her favorite activities include biking and swimming with her wonderful husband and two young boys, aged 2 and 5.

Dr. Manjit Sidhu

Family Physician / Addictions

After undergraduate studies in Calgary and receiving her medical degree in Poland at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Dr…

After undergraduate studies in Calgary and receiving her medical degree in Poland at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Manjit Sidhu did her Family Medicine residency during the height of the pandemic, and graduated in 2021. She works half-time at Access Winnipeg West where she has established a panel on the residency teaching team. The other half of her time is spent as a hospitalist at the Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital and the Grace Hospital. One third of her clinic and hospital work is in Addictions Medicine. Colleague and friend, Dr. Jas Mancer applauds Dr. Sidhu’ collegiality, kindness and responsiveness. She says Dr. Sidhu hit the ground running right after training and hasn’t stopped since.”

For Dr. Sidhu, the best part of her work is advocating for patients when they need mental health resources, rehabilitation for addictions, or financial resources to assist with health conditions. When patients make the important and sometimes difficult decision to seek care, she takes pride in her role in their health journey and in giving them the best care possible. Dr. Sidhu loves the variety of her work, is thankful that teaching keeps her on her toes and says practising medicine has brought a great sense of fulfilment to my life.”

Caring for her patients who are seeking care for addictions has highlighted the scarce resources available to them. Dr. Sidhu is most concerned about medication affordability and coverage, the lack of safe and affordable housing, inaccessible nutrition on fixed incomes, and the lack of mental health and addictions support. She also worries about her patients navigating the complex system that even she sometimes finds difficult to navigate. 

Dr. Sidhu is proud to have fulfilled a life-long dream of becoming a physician and was especially proud when she secured a residency position in family medicine as an IMG. Though her medical training has not been without its challenges, she says I would not want to do it any other way, as it has made my success thus far that much more rewarding!” 

When not busy with work, Dr. Sidhu enjoys spending time with her two nephews, watching them grow. She says they are the light of my life! They make me laugh, and fill me with so much joy.” She credits her two very free-spirited siblings, who produce music and DJ, with providing her with opportunities to socialise at their various events. Her siblings will be moving away to Australia and Germany in January and Dr. Sidhu hopes to take some time off to visit them in 2024. In the meantime, her dream vacation right now would be an all inclusive, 5‑star resort vacation somewhere tropical, where she can lounge and rest for a whole week.

Dr. Premal Patel


After completing his undergraduate degree in Ottawa and medical school in Calgary, Dr. Premal Patel did his Urology residency at…

After completing his undergraduate degree in Ottawa and medical school in Calgary, Dr. Premal Patel did his Urology residency at UM and completed a subspecialty in Male Infertility, Microsurgery & Sexual Medicine at the University of Miami. He practices at the Health Sciences Centre and last year he and his close friend and colleague Dr. Jay Nayak opened the Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba. Dr. Patel is the sole Male Infertility and Sexual Health specialist in the province and has also been instrumental in developing ambulatory men’s health surgery here in Manitoba. He also started the province’s first Urology Fellowship Program. 

Colleagues commend his consistent commitment to medical education and resident advocacy, for which he was awarded the Residency Teacher of the Year (20222023). As the Director of Urologic research at UM, Dr. Patel has revamped the program & implemented monthly research meetings, resulting in multiple publications for trainees. He has mentored almost every resident in the program with various research projects. He advocates for more learning opportunities for residents and for improvements in rotation schedules. Dr. Nayak applauds Dr Patel’s efforts to think of new ideas for the program to strengthen the curriculum and to optimize the learning experiences for residents.” 

A career in medicine was a natural fit for Dr. Patel because he truly enjoys helping others. With so many great treatment options, he especially loves to help patients struggling with male infertility, sexual dysfunction, or voiding issues. He says this type of care can have positive and life-changing impacts on a patient’s life and it’s rewarding to see those outcomes unfold.”

Dr. Patel is proud of opening Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba and since opening in April of 2022, he says we have seen over 11,000 patients, are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to being a site for men’s health care in the province.” Dr. Patel and colleagues have performed over 1500 diagnostic and surgical procedures to assist with the surgical backlog and in a short time they have grown the clinic from several staff to over 20 part-time and full-time personnel.

Dr. Patel was raised in New Brunswick. He feels lucky to work with his partner, who is an RN. Together they enjoy spending time with their 2 small children.

Dr. Kara Wettig

Family Physician

After graduating from UM medicine in 2012, Dr. Kara Wettig returned to her hometown of Brandon as one of the…

After graduating from UM medicine in 2012, Dr. Kara Wettig returned to her hometown of Brandon as one of the first two residents in the Brandon family medicine residency program and began her practice there in January of 2016. She has a general family medicine practice with a special focus in Women’s health. As one of the few family physicians providing obstetrical care, she runs women’s health clinics, practicing low risk obstetrics. 

Dr. Wettig enjoys working in women’s health and being able to connect with and support families at some of their most vulnerable moments.” The continuity of care that comes with family medicine means she is able to watch and care for the children she delivered, as they grow up. Dr. Wettig feels privileged to work in the community in which she was born and raised. 

Colleague and friend Dr. Jacie Grobb says Kara is one of the most hard-working, caring, genuine people I have ever met.” Dr. Grobb and other colleagues are thankful to Dr. Wettig for her gracious care of many physician colleagues. Dr. Wettig’s fierce advocacy for her patients and notable humility truly set her apart as a full-scope family physician. 

Together with her partner, Dr. Wettig is raising 3 young boys. They love spending as much time together as possible, playing games and traveling. As a former competitive swimmer, she enjoys time for herself by competing on a masters swim team.

January to June 2023