Doctors Manitoba is pleased to represent the entire medical profession in Manitoba, not just those who have already graduated from medical school. Medical students are at the forefront of the medical profession, providing Doctors Manitoba will invaluable input and involvement.

Doctors Manitoba regularly meets with medical students to determine how best to enhance their role within the medical profession while allowing them to focus on their studies. Doctors Manitoba also provides financial support for select medical students to attend the CFMS Spring Meeting and Annual Meeting as well as the Canadian Medical Association General Council.

These are just some of the ways that Doctors Manitoba and medical students work together.

  • Free Membership for Medical Students — Doctors Manitoba provides free membership in Doctors Manitoba. Medical students have exclusive access to all the programs and services offered by Doctors Manitoba, including the Mentorship Program. Medical students, as an important part of the medical profession, will be kept informed of all issues, and receive the same communications as other members of the profession.
  • Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program
  • Student Insurance Program
  • Grant to MMSA — For many years Doctors Manitoba has been providing an annual grant of about $7,000 to the Manitoba Medical Students Association. We impose no restrictions on the use of these funds, knowing that they will consult with medical students and put the funds to the best possible use. In recent years, the MMSA has used to money to help fund the activities of the numerous interest groups formed by medical students.
  • Student Representation — The MMSA annually appoints one of its members, typically the MMSA Vice-President External, to attend Doctors Manitoba Board meetings as an observer. This allows medical students to be a part of the decisions made by the Doctors Manitoba Board of Directors and to help shape the medical profession.
    In addition, interested students are welcome to serve on various Doctors Manitoba committees, such as the Physician Health & Wellness Committee. 
  • Med 1 Orientation Session — We can’t wait to welcome you into the medical profession! We’ll be there during your Med 1 Orientation (usually in August) to help explain what we do and how we can help make your academic and clinical training just a little easier.
  • Backpack Day — In conjunction with our friends at the MMSA, we’ll come see you (usually in September) to make sure you have your Doctors Manitoba membership application completed and, more importantly, to get you your free backpack, made exclusively for your class!
  • Annual CaRMS Mock Interviews — For Med 4s, the CaRMS interview can be daunting! We want to help make it just a little bit easier. We arrange for Residents who went through the CaRMS process within the past couple years to ask you questions developed to simulate the real thing and then provide you with advice and constructive feedback. We provide a safe, friendly environment where you can do a dry-run of the interview along with other medical students so the real thing isn’t so intimidating.
  • Town Halls — We want to keep you up to speed on hot-button issues within the medical profession or that may enhance or hinder your ability to learn and provide top-notch medical care. You pick the topic and we’ll talk to you about it in a clear, concise, honest way.
  • Preclerkship Guide
  • Clerkship Guide