Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization are key priorities for Doctors Manitoba and we are committed to strengthening and supporting the whole physician. We work to ensure that every physician has the support they need to deliver exceptional care to Manitobans. A significant part of this work is advocating for the health and wellness of our members and this initiative is reflective of this commitment. Learn more about our Physician Health & Wellness programs here.

Inspired by the Civility Saves Lives pronoun campaign for medical learners, and in support of fostering a more inclusive environment for members, their colleagues, and their patients, we are offering our members complimentary pro-noun badges to wear behind other ID tags. Most members will likely require the 2.1254” card, but some members, like those who work at Concordia hospital may need the bigger 2.1255” card. Please measure the biggest card on your lanyard/​badge pull and order the size that will allow the pronouns on your new card to show below your existing ID cards. Jump to order form.

People can make assumptions about a person’s gender based on appearance or a name. The act of assuming (even if correct) sends a potentially harmful message — that people must look a certain way to demonstrate gender. Ignoring a person’s pronouns can also imply that transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming people do not exist. 

Using a person’s correct pronouns and sharing yours fosters an inclusive environment. Introductions with name and pronouns can happen in every setting, not just in LGBTQ2S+* spaces. Sharing or displaying your pronouns can be especially impactful in making people of all genders feel safe and welcome. Adding pronouns to email signatures, name tags, and business cards helps normalize the importance of using correct pronouns.

More Information on the importance of pronouns:

Pronoun cards are expected to be ready to ship in June 2022

Delivery time on custom pronoun cards (“I don’t see my pronouns listed”) will be longer than other pronouns listed in the dropdown below.

Safe Space Decals

In a continued effort to create these inclusive spaces for members, patients and colleagues, we are also offering complimentary​‘safe space’ decals to display in your practice. You can order up to 5 decals here.

Pronoun cards and safe space decals are for Doctors Manitoba members only. 

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