About Us

Every step of the way.

Our mission

Originally founded in 1908, Doctors Manitoba represents more than 4,000 physicians and medical learners across the province. A lot has changed since we first came into existence, but one thing that hasn’t is our unwavering commitment to our members. From medical students to retirees, we work tirelessly to strengthen and support the whole physician.

Advocacy and initiatives

We believe in a healthier future for everyone. That’s why we work on our members’ behalf, providing a united voice to help build a better system where physicians can deliver the best possible care to Manitobans.

Strategic plan

In 2020 our organization unveiled a new strategic plan, a roadmap to help us better serve our members at every step on their journey from medical school to retirement.


Our Board of Directors and Committees work together to ensure the views of our 4,000 members are fully represented at every level of our organization.

Meet the people behind the organization