PLIF/CMPA Rebate Program

We know medical liability coverage can be costly. This program helps alleviate some of the burden of expenses for medical liability coverage for physicians. 

Doctors Manitoba established this fund in 1986 through negotiations with Manitoba Health.

How Does it Work?

Doctors Manitoba provides a rebate for 74% of the remaining amount after physicians pay the first $1,300 of their CMPA dues/​liability coverage.

We send application forms to members twice a year:

  • in early September, for an optional interim rebate for the first six months of the year
  • in early January, for the final rebate to cover the last 6 months of the previous year (or all 12 months, if no interim claim was filed).

Prorated rebates: If you have practiced in Manitoba for fewer than 12 months of the calendar year, you are still eligible. Your rebate will be prorated.

Authorization of payment: Before you can claim a rebate, you must authorize the CMPA to electronically transfer your dues payment information to Doctors Manitoba.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for a CMPA rebate under the Doctors Manitoba Program, a physician must:

  1. have earned income between January 1 — December 31 of the current year, directly or indirectly from Manitoba Health for providing medical services, teaching, research and/​or administrative duties, and
  2. have paid their own medical liability insurance fees (or equivalent liability insurance fees), or had fees paid by the medical partnership to which they belonged, and
  3. have held a full registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (i.e. were not practicing in Manitoba under a short-term, non-resident or supplementary or educational license), and
  4. be a member of Doctors Manitoba.

Residents: CMPA fees for physicians in a residency training program are automatically covered by a separate program under the PARIM contract. This rebate program does not apply to Residents/​Fellows unless they are not covered under PARIM and fulfill all of the above criteria.


Reimbursements will be prorated for the portion of the calendar year that the physician earned eligible income from Manitoba Health. Rebates are not based on a minimum income threshold.

Making a claim

You must complete all questions on the CMPA rebate claim form and sign the legal declaration. 

Late claims:

  • Any claims received after the deadline will automatically be reduced by 10% of the claim value, to a maximum of $300.
  • Claims submitted more than 1 year past the deadline will not be accepted or paid.

Reimbursement amount

  • Rebates are based on annual Manitoba rates.
  • The maximum rebate is 74% of the difference between the base amount of $1,300 and the current year’s rate for the applicable CMPA type of work” code.
  • Physicians who changed categories during the claim period will be reimbursed based on their type of work” code for each month of the year.
  • Physicians who receive a CMPA rebate from another province should specify the amount received from that province to avoid duplicate reimbursement. The Doctors Manitoba program provides rebates that are based on Manitoba CMPA fees.
  • Physicians who have their CMPA fees paid for by any other source (for example, RHA or a clinic) should specify this.
  • If Doctors Manitoba membership dues have not been paid by the physician, an amount equal to the current outstanding dues will be deducted from any disbursement to be made from the CMPA Rebate Fund to a physician.

Other restrictions may apply in certain cases. Determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of Doctors Manitoba.

CMPA Rebate Application Form
Last updated
January 19, 2023

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