Step 1

Decide which award you’d like to nominate a colleague for. You can review the awards and descriptions here. You may also want to review previous year’s recipients here.

Step 2

Confirm your candidate is eligible. Most awards are open to current or recent members of Doctors Manitoba, though some have more specific or broader criteria. 

Step 3 (optional)

Email us to let us know you are working on a nomination. Include your name and contact information, and the name of the nominee. Notifying us allows us to coordinate and connect any individuals seeking to nominate the same candidate. You can also request our help or ask questions about the process. 

Email Keir Johnson, Awards Coordinator. 

Step 4

Gather the required and optional information needed for the nomination. This includes:

  • Award Name
  • Nominator’s name, email and phone number
  • Candidate’s name, email and phone number
  • Description (short narrative describing why this candidate should be selected for this award).
  • Personal testimonial from at least 2 individuals. One must be a non-physician (e.g. patient, colleague, community leader). the second can be you (the nominator) or someone else. Personal testimony can be in the form of a reference letter.
  • Name, phone and email address for up to three references (can include the 2 individuals above)
  • Required documents: Candidates Curriculum Vitae, list of any past academic or professional honours/​awards
  • Optional documents: List of publications and presentations, list of supporting awards and achievements (optional), supporting press coverage (optional)

For files, PDF format is preferred.

Step 5

Once you have all the information and supporting documents assembled, complete the online nomination form here.

Assuming you have everything assembled, this should take five to 10 minutes at most.

What happens next?

Submissions will be reviewed by the Awards Committee in January. Typically, successful recipients and their nominators will be notified in February. Candidates who are not successful, along with their nominators, will be notified shortly thereafter.