The Physician and Family Support Program provides support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. The confidential program is funded by Doctors Manitoba and is provided at no charge to medical learners, resident physicians, practicing physicians and retired physicians, and anyone in your household.

  • Open 24/7 with access in over 200 languages.
  • Calls are answered by a nurse
  • Diverse counsellor options including language, gender, race/​ethnicity, and Indigenous health perspectives
  • Comprehensive supports including short-term confidential psychological counselling with masters prepared counsellors and psychologists, financial consultation and education, and legal consultation, work-life solutions, nutrition counselling, life coaching, and research concierge services to help you with personal and professional issues
Confidential Counselling

Someone to talk to.

This short-term counselling service helps you address stress, relationships and other personal and professional issues you and your family might be facing. Intake is staffed by HumanaCare Nurse Care Specialists who are highly trained to respond to your concerns and quickly refer you to virtual or in-person counselling and other resources for:

• Relationships and Couples
• Family and Parenting
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Substance Use
• Legal and Financial
• Grief and Bereavement
• Career Coaching
• Behavioural Management
• Diet and Nutrition
• Work-Related Stress
• Bullying and Harassment
• Crisis and Trauma 
Financial Consultation and Education

Expert info when you need it.

Certified Financial Advisors can help you with:

- Debt & credit counselling
- Saving
- Retirement Planning

HumanaCare’s Financial Advisors are independent consultants; you may access this service as a second opinion even if you already have a Financial Advisor in place. You and your family are eligible for a 60 minute consultation per person/​per issue/​per calendar year. 
Legal Support and Resources

Expert info when you need it.

Talk to HumanaCare lawyers for a free 30-minute consultation. Optional ongoing legal services will receive a 25% discount. Find out about: 

Separation and divorce
Elder law
Child custody
Wills and estates
Criminal law
Property law
Landlord disputes
Impaired driving
Domestic violence
Civil and personal matters 
Work-Life Solutions

Delegate your to-do” list.

HumanaCare’s work-life specialists will do the research for you, providing qualified referrals and customized resources for:

Moving and relocation
University/​college assistance
Elder care
Wellness Life Coaching

Take charge of your health.

You, your family, and anyone living in your home can get tools and support to make decisions about your health. This confidential program includes telephonic health coaching from certified health coaches by phone on:

✓Career Management
✓ Wellness
✓ Work/​life balance
✓ Life planning and goal setting
✓ Relationship
✓ Parenting and family challenges
✓ Personal purpose
✓ Personal Transition

Call for an appointment with a health coach at 8444333762 (433-DRMB)

Available 24 hours a day, toll-free

By phone
8444333762 (433-DRMB)
Online Support

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