Efficient and effective reform of Canada’s health care system cannot occur without the active and willing participation and leadership of physicians. Physicians must work with others to change the structural, cultural, and political environment if we are to accomplish that goal” (Van Aerde and Dickson). As such, Doctors Manitoba believes it is important to advocate for clear pathways into leadership positions at various levels and that there is adequate physician leadership capacity within the system to ensure physicians are clinically and administratively supported.

Specific leadership behaviours prevent burnout and increase satisfaction and well-being among team members (Dyrbye et al., Shanafelt, et al.) and all physicians play a leadership role within the system and/​or their practice setting. Doctors Manitoba is committed to providing and advocating for leadership training and mentorship to develop positive and effective leadership skills.

In addition, diversity in leadership strengthens organizations and helps mitigate implicit bias (Smith and Angood). The use of an equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization lens will help consider how to reduce the leaky leadership pipeline.

Manitoba’s health institutions have adopted the LEADS in Caring Environment framework. This evidence-based tool, designed specifically for health care, provides a common leadership language for all healthcare professionals.

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