Advocacy & Policy

We believe in a healthier future for everyone. That’s why we work on our members’ behalf, providing a united voice to help build a better system where physicians can deliver the best possible care to Manitobans.

Doctors Manitoba advocates for our physicians, so that they can stay focused on providing exceptional care to Manitobans.

We strive to work collaboratively with partners to help develop a better health care system for Manitobans. We work to improve health policy so patients have better access to physicians across Manitoba, and so physicians have the supports they need to meet their patients’ needs.

We regularly connect with the provincial government, Shared Health, regional health authorities and other organizations to ensure the physicians’ voices are heard and have an impact on decision-making.

Our current areas of focus include:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic. This work involved keeping physicians up to date with resources and supports, as well as advocating for the tools they need during the pandemic such as virtual care, personal protective equipment, expanded COVID-19 testing, and illness and isolation support.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine rollout. We have advocated for the provincial immunization campaign to include doctors’ offices, and we launched a major public campaign to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation.
  • Improving physician health and wellness. In addition to developing supports during the pandemic, we have launched a three-year community of practice pilot project. With funding from Scotiabank and in collaboration with the CMA and MD Financial Management, the project aims to assess the environments and systems in which physicians work, and to identify achievable changes that can be implemented at both organizational and system levels. We are working towards improved partnerships with physicians, health authorities and health organizations with increased engagement with physicians and health organizations. Find out more about the project, the model on which it is based and meet the Physician champions here.
  • Encouraging Manitobans not to put their health on hold. When physicians report a concerning trend of patients missing regular visits for chronic and new health concerns, we invested in public awareness to reconnect patients with their doctors.

If you have questions or suggestions related to our advocacy and policy work, contact us!