Automobile Purchase/​Lease Program

When you’re looking for a new vehicle, you want to know you’re getting the best price. You’ll save time and money when you buy or lease using the Automobile Purchase Program, available to you as a service of Doctors Manitoba.

The program is available to all Manitoba physicians and trainee members and their immediate family. It fixes the price of a new vehicle at a level which might otherwise only be obtainable after considerable negotiation. 

Doctors Manitoba has partnered with a number of participating auto dealerships in Winnipeg to offer these discounts. For details on specific mark-ups, please contact Doctors Manitoba.

How it works 

  • Vehicle pricing will be set at the dealer’s invoice cost, plus a small fixed percentage markup. There is no haggling over the price.
  • Optional equipment and packages are priced in the same manner.
  • The vehicle price used to calculate a lease deal will be the same as the purchase price (rather than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price).
  • Doctors Manitoba will audit Canadian dealer cost pricing through its membership in the Automobile Protection Association (APA) in Toronto. (Each member is eligible for one free quote per vehicle purchase. Additional quotes are $20.00 plus GST)
  • All lease deals will include full disclosure of financial information (see additional details below).
  • Qualified participants are automatically eligible for currently available incentive programs, rebate programs, cash back programs, and special interest rate financing.
  • Most vehicles are available through the program, however some product lines which are in low supply and high demand may be excluded.
  • Participants generally will deal directly with the dealership fleet/​lease manager, who knows the ground rules of the program, rather than a salesperson.
  • Doctors Manitoba staff are available to coordinate and oversee the whole process and can offer information on pricing and lease calculations, as well as provide some consumer information on vehicle product lines.

Automobile Lease Program

You may prefer to lease a new vehicle, rather than buy. With respect to leases, the Doctors Manitoba program requires dealers to disclose the following information:

  • vehicle price (dealer cost plus a small, fixed markup)
  • down payment amount
  • capitalized amount
  • buy back” or lease end” value of the vehicle when the lease term expires
  • lease interest rate
  • term of lease in months

The proposed lease transaction must also indicate:

  • whether there is a lease assignment fee and, if so, the cost;
  • the deposit amount and an indication of how much (if any) of that deposit is not refunded even when the vehicle is returned in satisfactory condition;
  • whether there are any lease termination fees and, if so, the cost; and
  • any limitations on maximum yearly kilometres and the cost per kilometre if the maximum is exceeded.

If you get a quote for the purchase or lease of a vehicle from a either a Doctors Manitoba dealership or any other dealer„ Doctors Manitoba can assist you in your decision. We can audit dealer cost pricing through our membership in the Automobile Protection Association (APA) in Toronto.


For more information, please contact:

Leanne Muir
Membership & Communications Coordinator
(204) 9855866

Last updated
April 9, 2021

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