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Virtual Healthcare in Manitoba: Past, Present, Future

Leading Practices Webinar Series March 24, 2021 6:00 – 7:00 PM CDT The way we care for patients is changing. Virtual Care is here to stay, in fact #VirtualisVital, and we need to make the most of this new way of meeting with patients. To help share leading information on implementing virtual care, The Manitoba […]

Concussion Awareness Training Tool

Medical Professionals Course Patient with a concussion? CATT facilitates evidence-based treatment. Early assessment and management of concussions is vital to recovery, in order to avoid persistent post-concussion symptoms. The Concussion Awareness Training Toll (CATT) for Medical Professionals is an online education resource designed to assist medical professionals with providing evidence-based care for patients who have […]



Right Doctor at the Right Time

Dr. Brent Roussin has spent a lifetime getting ready for this pandemic. by Keir Johnson Before the pandemic, Dr. Brent Roussin was, among many other things, a student pilot. In his limited spare time, he was learning how to fly a plane. His training has been grounded these last few months as spare time has […]


Dr. Sara Goulet is helping keep an isolated northern Manitoba community safe during a pandemic by Sherry Kaniuga Standing outside the hospital room of a suspected COVID-19 patient at the Health Sciences Centre this past May, Dr. Sara Goulet had a sudden realization. One of her many roles involves practicing alongside nurses in Nunavut and […]