Family Medicine Plus

Welcome to the Family Medicine Plus hub – a central place for information and updates on Manitoba’s new remuneration model for longitudinal family practice.

Family Medicine Plus, or FM+, launches April 1, 2024. Doctors Manitoba is committed to working with family physicians on preparing for this important milestone, ensuring you have the answers and information you need to prepare and transform your practice. 

Below you will find basic information about the new FM+ model, and we will be adding how-to guides, Q&As and billing articles in the weeks ahead.

We’ve also launched the FM+ News, a regular email newsletter to help keep you up to date on the latest developments, with answers to your common questions. You can see past updates here, and members can subscribe here.

Please contact us with questions or concerns, to help us ensure you and your colleagues are well-supported as we get ready to introduce this significant improvement for family physicians. Email us at practiceadvice@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

What is Family Medicine Plus?

In response to concerns from family physicians, Doctors Manitoba negotiated a new remuneration model for longitudinal family practice that complements traditional volume-based fee-for-service revenue with more stable, predictable non-volume forms of revenue as well. FM+ was developed with extensive feedback from family physicians, informed by evolving payment models being developed in other provinces too.

Unlike models in other provinces where fee-for-service remuneration is reduced by as much as 70%, family physicians in Manitoba will have access to all the existing tariffs at 100% plus new panel payments and remuneration for indirect clinical time. This will help to stabilize clinic operations, help physicians spend more time with their patients, and help more patients connect with a family physician.

Also, unlike models in other provinces, there will be no need to leave fee-for-service practice formally and sign a new contract. FM+ simply builds on existing fee-for-service models.

In developing FM+, Doctors Manitoba ensured it responds to the top concerns we heard from family physicians, who were looking for:

  • More predictable funding, with payments occurring more than once per year.
  • Better recognition of the disease burden being managed in their practices.
  • Enhanced non-volume-based remuneration for services provided for patients.

Support for primary care providers who provide lifelong care, starting with newborns.

Click here to view Resources for a growing list of billing advice and other resources.

Getting You Ready for Launch

We are doing our best to anticipate your needs and get you the information and answers you need before the launch on April 1, 2024.

FM+ Webinar!

On March 12, a webinar was held to provide a detailed overview of FM+. You can watch the FM+ webinar on demand here.

Below you will also see links to resources such as billing guidance and how-to guides to help you prepare and implement FM+ in your practice. 

Is there anything you don’t see addressed? Let us know at practiceadvice@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca


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