Patient enrollment is a decision made by both the patient and the clinic. Manitoba Health has asked us to remind family physicians and clinics to approach enrollment appropriately.

When a patient is enrolled, the Most Responsible Provider (MRP), along with the clinic (known as the Home Clinic), are responsible for providing ongoing, continuous, comprehensive care. All relevant labs and information related to the patient will be sent to the patient’s Home Clinic for action and follow up. Further, an enrollment conversation should include asking if the patient already has a family physician and should confirm they no longer wish to receive care from their existing provider. The Home Clinic team can provide resources to address these discussions.

Patients on your panel are eligible for FM+ tariffs immediately following enrollment. FM+ provides prospective payment, therefore, there is no enrollment history requirement. There are no circumstances in which physicians should be backdating” a patient’s enrollment. This could inadvertently interfere with a colleague’s CDM, CCM, or FM+ payments.

We have been made aware of some isolated instances of inappropriately backdating enrollment for patients added to a panel, causing issues for the physicians for whom the patient was previously enrolled under. We are working with Manitoba Health to resolve these issues quickly. No action is required, but if you have experienced any issues and have concerns, please contact your Home Clinic Liaison or email our team at practiceadvice@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

Clinics who have been inadvertently following this practice will be contacted to ensure an understanding of proper enrollment etiquette.

Last updated
May 15, 2024