Manitoba Health is encouraging family physicians to enroll newborns and infants into the panel. Under FM+, a newborn and infant enrollment payment has been created to recognize the additional and detailed work involved with assuming care for a patient under the age of two.

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Newborn and infant enrollment - Newborn and inface acceptance of ongoing care, under age 2 $100.00 One-time payment
  1. Tariff 8180 may be claimed once per patient (lifetime maximum), upon enrollment into the physician’s panel.
  2. To claim tariff 8180, the physician must provide a medical service to the patient in the preceding twenty-four (24) months.
  3. 8180 may be claimed in addition to a visit.
Billing Note

This tariff is available once per lifetime per patient. 

You may bill the one-time payment for any newborn you take on under your practice after the first visit. 

To claim 8180, the patient must be enrolled on your panel. This is confirmed by the Home Clinic Portal after the overnight enrolment process occurs. If you successfully enroll a newborn on your panel April 1st, you may bill tariff 8180 on April 2nd as this ensures Manitoba Health has the patient in your enrolment panel. 

An ICD code is not required as there is no clinical diagnosis needed to support the claim.

The newborn enrolment is a one-time fee. However, ensure you claim the quarterly FM+ panel age payment when eligible. 

This tariff will allow payment for patients that are still under the age of 2 that were enrolled prior to April 1st, 2024. Upon Implementation, physicians may run a query of all their patients under 24 months of age and bill for the one-time payment. Thereafter, all additional newborn patients may be billed as noted above. 

Last updated
March 11, 2024