CME Rebates

Physicians are continually upgrading their knowledge, and Doctors Manitoba helps make that possible. Our CME Rebate program, established through negotiations with Manitoba Health, provides physicians with reimbursement for Continuing Medical Education expenses.

Applications will open in April for CME expenses for the 2021 calendar year.

For the 2022 calendar year, we have made some changes recognizing how continuing medical education may be impacted by the pandemic and transformed into the future. Here are some important things to note as you plan your CME for 2022:

  • You will be able to claim up to $3,800 in eligible CME-related expenses
  • We will consider expenses that were deemed ineligible in past years under a trial for 2022. This means any expenses you incur primarily to support your continuing medical education could be eligible. this will help us to identify new types of expenses physicians are incurring to support their continuing medical education.
  • We are introducing a group CME initiative for grants up to $20,000. Any physician who plans a CME event for a group of Manitoba physicians will be able to apply for funding. This initiative is separate from individual CME rebates, and details will be posted when available.
Who is Eligible?

This individual CME Rebate Program is available to physicians who generate income within a given calendar year, including both fee-for-service and other forms of remuneration from the provincial government. Residents who hold a full license to practice may be eligible for a CME rebate if they also moonlight” to earn fee-for-service income and incur CME expenses not related to completion of their Residency program.


Claims must be submitted no later than December 31 in the year following the year of the claim. (For example, claims for 2021 must be submitted by December 312022.)

Rebates will be mailed as claim forms are processed. Cheques will be issued in the name of the claimant.

2021 Updates

We recognize the COVID-19 situation has caused disruption to many physicians’ practices. To support you, we have made several changes to the CME Rebate program, including:

  • Expedited Rebates: cheques will be sent as your claim forms are received, instead of after the annual deadline, so you can receive your funds earlier.
  • Easier Application: you will be able to apply online. This will simplify the process for you and help us process your claim forms and get your refund to you faster.
  • Rebate: The maximum rebate amount was increased to $3800 in 2019 thanks to our negotiations on the New Master Agreement.
  • Carry Over from 2020: If you did not use your full $3,800 rebate limit from 2020, you can carry the unused amount over to 2021.
2022 Updates

As you plan for your CME for 2022, please keep in mind the following key details.

The maximum rebate amount for 2022 will be $3,800.

A special consideration” category is being introduced as a trial for 2022 expenses that would have been ineligible in previous years. This means any expense that you incur primarily to support your continuing medical education could be eligible. Examples could include preparation material for a physician’s presentation of a scientific paper, preparation materials for a physician teaching or otherwise providing CME, self-assessment programs or membership payments to a medical decision support program or evidence-based clinical resources. You will be required to retain receipts and you may be required to justify how the expenses related to your CME.

Internet subscriptions are not eligible, including under the special consideration trial.

This trial will help Doctors Manitoba to identify new types of expenses physicians are incurring to support their continuing medical education.

A new group CME initiative will be offered in 2022. Any physician in Manitoba will be able to apply for funding to support a group CME event open to Manitoba physicians. The funding can be used to support speakers, the venue or other related expenses. further details will be available soon with a specific call for funding applications.

Receipts required

The only receipts you need to submit with your form are the registration and CME certificates for any conferences attended. However, you should keep all receipts, as some claims may be reviewed and all receipts may be needed to substantiate the submission.

How to submit your claim

Online: Complete the necessary fields, upload any required documents, and click submit. You don’t need to send anything to Doctors Manitoba by mail, email or fax, unless we contact you. The online application for 2021 expenses will be available in early April, 2022.

On paper: Mail your completed claim with attached receipts to our office or email it to CME@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

Last updated
April 28, 2022


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