Doctors Manitoba has volunteered to track and forward names and contact information of our members who are willing to provide additional support to the health care system during COVID-19.

Please submit the following information to offer your help as a physician in responding to COVID-19.

The immediate request is for physicians to assist with the new COVID-19 screening clinics, however Doctors Manitoba is compiling a list of physicians willing and able to help in other areas the system may need as COVID-19 takes hold, including ER and inpatient care.

Are you currently registered to practice in Manitoba?
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Please note: Doctors Manitoba will be sharing the information with Shared Health and other system organizations as appropriate. Doctors Manitoba will not be calling you back, instead you will be contacted by the appropriate health authority.

Please note that if you have previously submitted your name, there is not need to re-submit. You will be contacted by Shared Health in due course. Thank you.