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This page contains a variety of resources to support physicians in getting the message out to their patients to call their doctor and not put their health on hold.

You can view the public site, cal​ly​our​doc​tor​.ca, for more information.

Second Phase of Campaign (June 2020 Update)

Doctors Manitoba has released a second phase of the Don’t put your health on hold campaign, to help encourage Manitobans to seek the medical care they need. The message? Don’t make assumptions. Just call. 

A series of ads show typical assumptions people are making right now, like their health conditions are not a priority, or doctors are completely unavailable. Each ad shows a bold strike through some of the words in the assumption to illustrate the reality. 

Patient will see these messages on social media, search results and on various web sites, with a reminder to call their doctor for advice about seeking care. Patients will also learn about virtual care alternatives that are available during the pandemic.

What Should Physicians Do?

In a nutshell, be ready. We have a variety of tips and checklists to help you get your practice ready for patients. Whether its advice on responding to patient concerns and expectations, guidance on changing your clinic’s layout and processes or tips on PPE or virtual care, you’ll find it below.

Take a look at these resources to help you get your practice ready:

As you know, CPSM has reminded physicians of their duty to continue providing care for their patients during COVID-19. Following the tips above will help you to meet your patients’ care needs and your professional obligations.

How Can Physicians Share the Message with Patients?

As a physician and trusted voice, you are in the best position to share this message with your patients. Doctors Manitoba has prepared the following resources to support you in reminding your patients not to put their health on hold during the pandemic.

Direct Email Message

We have prepared an email template to support you in telling your patients not to put their health on hold during COVID-19. You can adapt this template and image as needed and use your EMR or other email solution to contact your patients and encourage them to call you with your health concerns.

Save the email template and image to use in communications to your patients.

Read more about common EMR products and how you can use them to get this message out to your patients.

Engage on Social Media: #CallYourDoctor

Please use the following resources to help you share this message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks. Tag your posts with #CallYourDoctor and link people to cal​ly​our​doc​tor​.ca.

Click here to access square and rectangle format images, links to campaign videos, and sample text to accompany your posts.

Posters and Post Cards

We have a selection of post cards and posters that you can use to help your patients and local communities stay on top of their health by calling their doctor.

Click here to access posters and post cards

Contact Us!

If you would like further advice on getting the don’t put your health on hold” message out to your patients and local community, email us at covid19@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.