Below you will find a series poster and postcard files you can use to help remind your patients and your local community. You can help remind Manitobans not to put their health on hold, but rather to call their doctor to stay on top of their medical needs.

We have included posters and post cards from both of our public awareness campaigns, the original yellow don’t put your health on hold” campaign and the newer blue assumptions vs. reality” series.

We may have copies of some of the posters available in our office. Contact us at covid19@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca

Post Cards

Post cards can be sent virtually or in the mail. Sending virtually could be accompanied by an email message (see main page), while sending the in mail may require mailing labels.

Virtual version:

Mail Version


The posters are in 1117 format. Click on the image to download the PDF poster file. Print shop friendly versions are also available upon request.

Contact Us!

If you would like further advice on getting the don’t put your health on hold” message out to your patients and local community, email us at covid19@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.