These resources have been designed by senior physicians for medical learners, practicing and retired physicians to support Doctors Manitoba members throughout their medical career and beyond. There are many reasons why a physician may reduce or stop practicing medicine. This resource is intended to offer information and practical advice to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

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We want to give you all the guidance you need when retiring or closing your practice. We are here for you. Every step of the way.

Doctors Manitoba staff are happy to connect with you along your journey. Please contact Cheryl Bezte 204.985.5851 for more information and to personally connect with someone. We are happy to support you every step of the way during your career in medicine.

Helpful Checklists and Scripts

Physician Health Information
Doctors Manitoba offers members access to physician health programs which provide support for you and your loved ones. Whether it be making contingency plans or dealing with grief and loss, it may be helpful to speak with someone to provide support.

Other Important Resources 

CPSM | CMPA | MD Financial | CRA | DRMB | CMA

Note: This guide is not intended as legal or professional advice or opinion. It is recommended physicians seek legal, financial, and other professional advice as needed from certified professionals.

This resource has been adapted from Doctors of Nova Scotia, Business of Medicine: A Guide to Closing Your Medical Practice, HealthForceOntario, Transition Out of Practice: A Guide for Physicians, and Vancouver Division of Family Practice: How to Retire Guide.


Last updated
November 17, 2022