When deciding whether to pause your practice or reduce your hours to part-time, it is important to consider what the CME and CPSM requirements are. CME requirements are an on-going professional commitment and may impact your ability or interest to pursue other opportunities.

Pausing practice, or taking a leave of absence

  • Regardless of the reason, all physicians must report the date of stopping practice to the CPSM Registration Department (registration@​cpsm.​mb.​ca).
  • You will be required to provide information about the following:
  1. Patient records, contact person and how they can be accessed
  2. Forwarding mailing address and email
  3. Return to practice date (if known and if applicable)
  4. If you will be doing administrative duties
  5. Coverage plan for patient care

Leave of absences longer than 3 years

  • If you are taking a leave of absence for 3 years or more the CPSM Registrar must assess your ability to provide safe, competent care before you can re-register. 
  • For more information on Practice Direction – Qualifications and Registration, please connect with CPSM. Retraining will be based on your specific practice plans and an evaluation of your current knowledge and skills. 
  • Royal College of Physicians mandates specialist physicians be compliant with their Maintenance of Competency program cycle. This means that you must maintain at least 40 hours of credit per year. Once your status is changed to a Retired Fellow your current cycle will be closed and the Royal College will re-open a new five year cycle that is voluntary.

Changes to clinical practice

  • If you plan to change part of your clinical practice or take a leave from clinical work but continue to do administrative work, you must consult with CPSM Registration by contacting registration@​cpsm.​mb.​ca.