Opportunities to Share Knowledge

Retiring or winding down from your existing practice creates opportunities to share your experiences and knowledge with others. These opportunities could include locum and mentorship positions. In Manitoba, there are two locum programs available which cover Rural and Northern Manitoba, and Urban areas in Winnipeg and Brandon. 

The Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program provides support to medical learners and those in the early stages of their career by matching them with a small group of physicians at different stages of their careers. As a seasoned physician, you have expertise and insight which is extremely valuable. Mentorship can also provide you with connection to others in the profession which may benefit your transition into retirement. 

Social Connections

Maintaining existing and establishing new social connections is integral to a positive retirement experience. Some physicians may feel isolated or a loss of identity when they retire. Retirement is a time to be as active as you want and conversely rest and relax when you want. Some ideas for connecting are: 

  • Attending conferences or CME in areas of interest 
  • Hosting or attending lunch or dinner 
  • Activities such as golf, curling, cards, book clubs
  • Travel
  • Mentoring
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Volunteering at an organization you support

Some resources are available to assist you in exploring other opportunities in your retirement. Please note the majority are not specific to physicians: