Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program

mentorship logoThe medical profession is changing, with the number of Residents and medical students increasing. Doctors Manitoba has created a new Mentorship Program, exclusive to the medical profession. The goal of the program is simple: to connect medical students, Residents and practicing physicians so that they can learn from each other. Whether it’s helping a medical student prepare for the CaRMS interview or a Resident learn about practice opportunities or to educate more seasoned physicians about new trends within a changing profession, this program is designed to increase connectivity and collegiality amongst and within the medical profession.

Once matched, you should connect and start talking – whether it’s in person, by phone or email. The goal is to be open, honest and create meaningful relationships.

To be a MENTOR, please complete the application.

For STUDENTS looking to join, registration has closed. Please contact if you have questions.

For RESIDENTS, email your name, program and year to

For Helpful Tips to get you started, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Braden Kalichuk at (204) 985-5848 or at

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