Physicians now have access to compensation for missed working days due to a COVID-19 illness or isolation. Physicians face risks of infection and exposure while providing care in hospitals, personal care homes and community settings. The benefit will support physicians in following public health and occupational health guidelines to self-isolate. The COVID-19 Isolation Support benefit is administered by Doctors Manitoba, with eligibility criteria, coverage and funding established by the Province of Manitoba. The COVID-19 Isolation Support covers missed working days starting on September 28, 2020. You can read more about the background of this new support in the President’s Letter.

Who is eligible?

Physicians are eligible for compensation if they have self-isolated due to: 

  • Testing positive for COVID-19,

  • In limited circumstances self-isolate as a result of public/​occupational health direction, or immuno compromised individuals

To be eligible, physicians must be: 

  • A member of Doctors Manitoba,

  • Licensed to practice in Manitoba, and

  • An independent contractor actively practicing in Manitoba

The support benefit is not available to residents or for salaried physicians paid as an employee with access to income protection (“sick time”). Salaried physicians who also work as an independent contractor are eligible for compensation for only those working days missed that would have been paid as an independent contractor. If you have sick time or income protection, please contact us at COVID19@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca for advice before submitting your claim.

NOTE: Up until Feb 7, 2022, the Isolation Support benefit covered physicians with COVID-19 symptoms, diagnosis, or a work-related exposure. Isolation resulting from personal exposure risks (e.g. travel, household or personal contact) are not eligible.

Effective February 7, 2022, and coinciding with the government amendment to public health measures, a positive COVID test is required to be eligible for this benefit. (RAT or PCR) It is recommended you take and keep a dated photo of the positive test result for your records.

What level of support is available?

The COVID-19 Isolation Support benefit offers physicians: 

  • $1,000 of support per missed working day. However, if you submit billing claims for any virtual visits during your isolation claim period, you will instead receive $500 of support per missed working day. If you choose to provide virtual care during your isolation period but do NOT submit FFS claims for those services you may receive the full $1,000.

  • Up to 10 working days of support per isolation or illness.

  • A combined maximum total of up to 20 days of support can be claimed during the pandemic. Requests for up to 5 days in addition, will be given special consideration in the case of positive test results or if you are immuno compromised.

Like retention payments, the support payments are considered taxable income and must be paid to individuals, not medical corporations. Doctors Manitoba will not deduct any income taxes when issuing your support payments. You will receive a T4A for use with your income tax return. If you have questions about eligibility or compensation, please contact Barry Hallman at (204) 9855865 or bhallman@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca. You should submit your application form after your isolation period is complete, or after you’ve reached 10 missed working days.