Sample Email Announcement

Once you are ready to offer virtual visits, consider sending an email announcement to all of your patients. Below is a sample message that you can edit as needed.

Subject: Stay at Home and See Your Doctor

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distance advice, we are introducing virtual visits at [clinic name] to serve you better.

Phone and video visits are now available as alternatives to in-person visits. This means you can stay at home and still have a visit with your doctor.

Virtual visits aren’t right for every health concern. We still offer in-person visits, and we’ve taken steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 including patient screening and more frequent cleaning.

To book a virtual visit, call our office at [phone number] or visit [web site].

Sample Email Confirmation

This is a confirmation of your video appointment with [Name of Doctor] at [Date & Time]

[Video Meeting Link] or [Phone Meeting Instructions]

[Prior to the video appointment please download the following app – if required]

Please ensure you read our Virtual Care – Patient Guide before your first virtual visit appointment. [Add link]

Need to cancel or change your appointment date? Please respond to this email or contact the clinic at [phone number] with at least 24 business hours advance notice to avoid missed appointment fees.

DISCLAIMER: This virtual care visit, email invite and any attachment(s) is/​are for authorized use by the intended recipient(s) only and must not be read, distributed, disclosed, used or copied by anyone else. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately, disconnect and delete any attachment(s). Patients may be redirected to the clinic for an in person visit at any time if the concern is deemed not appropriate for virtual care.