A variety of apps and software are available for video chats, and it is important that physicians endeavor to find a solution that ensures privacy and works for their patients.

For physicians working in sites supported directed by Shared Health or an RHA, consult directly with Digital Health for software and app support. Review the Digital Health memo on video visits. 
For other physicians, Digital Health recommends Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business) or Zoom. Some EMR applications also have video conferencing solutions built right in.

Given the need to rapidly introduce video visits during COVID-19, there is more flexibility recognizing the need to reduce in-person visits. A shorter list of approved apps may come at a later date.

Please note that free” products may not provide you with the same level of security encouraged for use by the health system.

Virtual Care Tools Cost CDN Video Multiple Attendees Online Booking Patient Portal Servers in Canada Encryption
Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business) $ Y Y Y
Zoom for Healthcare $ Y Y Y
Doxy​.me (free) Y
Doxy​.me (Paid) $ Y Y
FaceTime Y Y
InTouch $ Y Y Y
Livecare $ Y TBD Y Y TBD
Medeo $ TBD Y Y Y Y
Medex $ TBD Y
Novari $ TBD Y Y Y
OnCall Health $ Y Y Y Y Y
P2P Doctor $ Y TBD Y Y Y Y
Synaptek $ Y Y Y Y TBD
Think Research $ Y Y Y Y
Vsee $ Y Y Y Y
WebEx $ Y Y
WelTel Health $ Y TBC Y Y Y
WhatsApp Y
Zoom Y TBD Y