Several positions on the Doctors Manitoba Family Practice Executive Committee will expire at the 2024 Annual General Meeting. Family physicians with fresh ideas and enthusiasm are encouraged to seek nomination. The Executive Committee meets approximately 2 or 3 times per year and members are provided with an honorarium for meetings. Travel expenses are paid to rural members.

The current members of the Family Practice Executive Committee, serving for 2023/2024 are as follows:

Name and Position

  • Dr. Jessie Marantz, Chair
  • Dr. Carrie Lafournaise, Past Chair
  • Dr. Leah Koetting, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Noah Kosowski,Treasurer
  • Dr. Scott Hodgson, Secretary
  • Dr. Ashley Blais, Rural Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Diane Kim, Rural member-at-Large
  • Dr. Darcy Johnson, Urban Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Tamara Buchel, Urban Member-at-Large

Dr. Lafournaise, Dr. Blais, and Dr. Buchel are scheduled to complete their terms at the 2024 Family Practice Annual General Meeting. We thank them for their dedicated service to the section of Family Practice.

The following positions will need to be filled by way of nomination of new members or renomination of existing members.

Vice Chair Vice-Chair will become Chair in 2025.
Rural Member-at-Large 2 year term
Urban Member-at-Large 2 year term


  1. Members of Doctors Manitoba who are in the Family Practice bloc are eligible to nominate and be nominated (click here to view the Members list).
  2. Rural refers to the area outside of Winnipeg, including Brandon.
  3. Terms of office shall commence after the Family Practice Annual General Meeting (usually held in mid September).
  4. Following the close of nominations, a mail ballot of the family Practice membership shall be conducted, should an election be required.
  5. Multiple nominations are accepted.

Nomination Form

I, the undersigned,


Nominee’s Name here

  • Vice-Chair
  • Rural Member-at-Large
  • Urban Member-at-Large

Please note that all nominations will be validated.

The deadline for nominations is July 2, 2024. at 4:30 pm

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June 11, 2024