Tariff 8435 provides payment to family physicians who are managing patients with hypertension. The following 3 ICD-9-CM codes define the diagnosis.

Essential Hypertension

  • 401.0 Malignant essential hypertension
  • 401.1 Benign essential hypertension
  • 401.9 Unspecified essential hypertension

401 Excludes

  • elevated blood pressure without a diagnosis of hypertension
  • pulmonary hypertension

Physicians can claim this tariff for patients with hypertension treated through lifestyle counselling and/​or pharmacologic methods. 

Physicians would not claim this tariff for patients with episodic hypertension (e.g., pregnancy acquired) as the condition must be chronic.

For information on the additional requirements to claim this tariff, including completing a form, please see the related article Chronic Disease Management Tariffs.

Last updated
March 26, 2021