On-call is a service where a specialist (or otherwise qualified medical practitioner) has agreed to remain on standby to respond to urgent or emergent telephone calls from hospital staff, residents and other physicians requesting advice about a patient or to go to the hospital to examine and treat a patient. As per the On-Call Specialist Agreement, specialists receive compensation for on-call services from Shared Health or Regional Health Authorities (RHAs).

Effective April 1, 2021, the basic per diem for 24 hours of off-site on-call by a Specialist” in Winnipeg is $503.75. Physicians who provide specialist on-call coverage in Brandon, rural and northern regions will receive this fee plus the appropriate Fee Differentials.

The On-Call Specialist Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for this service. The per diem applies to on-call coverage requirements as Shared Health, or an RHA determines them.

Frequency Premium

In addition to the basic rates, over 1 in 5 specialists who provide on-call coverage are eligible for a frequency premium of 5% — 15%.

A premium will apply to the 75th day of on-call and each day of on-call after that provided during the same fiscal year (April 1 through to March 31 of the following calendar year).

No premium is payable for the first seventy-four (74) days of service.

See below for the Frequency Premiums

Days On-Call” Frequency Premium — Paid in addition to your application daily rate for days beyond the 74th day
1st to 7th day on-call coverage No premium — Paid the applicable daily rate
75th to 91st day of on-call coverage 5%
92nd to 122nd day of on-call coverage 7.5%
123rd to 183rd day of on-call coverage 10.0%
Greater than 183 days of on-call coverage 15.0%

Billing Note:

Frequency premiums apply only to on-call services provided under the On-Call Specialist Agreement for the same RHA. Services provided to other RHAs, or according to other agreements where on-call is a component of the service (e.g., CTUs, ICUs, In-house Obstetrics, Trauma Services, Anesthesia, Personal Care Home On-Call), do not count towards an individual’s on-call frequency.

Last updated
April 1, 2021