Manitoba physicians are eligible to be paid a fee differential for all insured medical services provided outside Winnipeg and within the Province of Manitoba. Meaning the physician is entitled to be paid an additional percentage for each medical service provided in a particular location in addition to the amount set out in a tariff. The Physician’s Manual sets out the fee differentials as follows:

Northern Manitoba 25% (North of the 53rd parallel)
Rural Manitoba 5%
Brandon 5%

Note: The basis for determining whether a physician may claim a fee differential for a medical service is where the service was provided and not the physician’s or patient’s residence. Therefore, a physician who resides in Winnipeg but provides medical services in rural Manitoba is eligible to claim the rural Manitoba fee differential of (5%) five percent. Conversely, a physician living in rural Manitoba but providing medical services in the City of Winnipeg may not claim any fee differential.

Note: For virtual care or telemedicine, patients and providers may be located in different areas of the Province. A differential will apply when both the patient and provider are outside of Winnipeg. Use the lower of the applicable differential for the physician and patient location. 

Last updated
April 8, 2021