Starting April 1, 2024, geographic premiums will be available for virtual visits based on the location of the patient and the physician, including when the physician or patient is in Winnipeg.

Geographic premiums, or fee differentials, traditionally required both the physician and the patient to be in the same location, such as both in rural (5%), northern (25%) or remote (35%) communities. With virtual visits, the patient and physician can be in different locations within Manitoba, so a new modified approach to geographic premiums has been introduced that takes the average of the premiums that apply. For example:

  • Patient is in Brandon (normally a 5% premium) and physician is in Winnipeg (0% premium). For a virtual visit, the premium is 2.5%.
  • Patient is in Northern Manitoba (normally a 25% premium) and physician is in Brandon (normally a 5% premium). For a virtual visit, the premium is 15%.

The geographic premiums, or fee differentials, for virtual visits are as follows. Ensure the associated alpha code is submitted along with the virtual claim in the rural fee differential field.

Physician Location Patient Location
↓↓↓↓↓↓ Winnipeg Brandon/​Rural Northern Remote
Winnipeg 0% M=2.5% P=12.5% Q=17.5%
Brandon/​Rural S=2.5% T=5% U=15% V=20%
Northern H=12.5% X=15% Y=25% Z=30%
Remote D=17.5% F=20% G=30% A=35%

When providing virtual care, physicians should take note of the patient’s location at the time of the service. The code associated with the locations of both participants should then be inputted into your claim to Manitoba Health.

Northern, indicates north of the 53rd parallel. 

Remote, indicates any community north of the 53rd parallel not Thompson, Flin Flon or The Pas or, south of the 53rd parallel without road access.

Remember, to submit claims for virtual services to Manitoba Health, the physician must be licensed in Manitoba, physically located in Manitoba, and providing care to a patient insured by Manitoba Health.

Please direct any questions to practiceadvice@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

Last updated
March 25, 2024