Effective October 1, 2023, physicians will now be able to delegate immunizations to competent staff in their practice.

The Rules of Application pertaining to immunizations are amended to allow for physicians to bill fee-for-service when clinic staff provide immunizations to patients in a community-based clinic. The relevant wording change is as follows:

These benefits under this section are for the procedure alone and not for the management of the case. Where therapeutic injections or immunizations are provided in a community-based clinic, physicians may bill when the service is provided by a staff member employed and paid by the physician and competent to perform the service.

This advancement is as a practical change to allow physician practices to reach more patients with immunization in a team-based care environment. 

We encourage you to monitor Doctors Manitoba newsletters for updates on immunizations, in particular season vaccines such as influenza and COVID-19. You can also access updates directly from Manitoba Health’s Vaccine Distribution page. 

Visits and Immunizations

Whether or not the immunization itself is delegated, a visit may be claimed in addition only if:

  1. The patient receives the immunization at the same time as he/​she is being assessed for a condition or illness, or
  2. Prior to administering the immunization, the physician discusses with the patient the suitability of receiving the vaccine, possible adverse reactions and obtains the patient’s informed consent.
Last updated
September 28, 2023