Tariff 8000 compensates physicians for certain communications with other health care providers.

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Phone/Fax/Email Communications from Other Providers $16.25

As the tariff description specifies, this tariff may be claimed not only for telephone communications, but also for communications via fax or email. Communications may be initiated by one mode of communication (e.g., telephone) and responded to via another mode (e.g., fax).

This tariff may be claimed for the following categories of telephone, facsimile and email communications: 

Communications initiated by other healthcare providers*, who are responsible for and/​or assigned to the care of:

  • a patient receiving home care,
  • a patient in a personal care home,
  • a paneled patient at home or in hospital who is awaiting placement in a a personal care home,
  • a patient in a special care home, (in-patient or out-patient), e.g., St. Amant Centre, Manitoba Developmental Centre,
  • a chronic care patient in an extended care facility, (in-patient or out-patient) e.g., Deer Lodge Care Extended Treatment Unit,
  • a patient presenting at a northern nursing station,
  • a patient registered in the Manitoba Home Nutrition Program,
  • a patient registered in the Manitoba Home IV program, or
  • a newborn receiving a home visit by a Public Health Nurse in a recognized RHA post-natal program,
  • a patient receiving care at a quick Care Clinic
  • a patient receiving treatment at River Ridge Transitional Care
  • a patient registered in the Sleep Disorders Centre Program

*Other healthcare providers include, but are not limited to:

  1. Home care coordinators
  2. Nurses
  3. VON
  4. Public health nurses
  5. Psychiatric nurses
  6. Mental health workers
  7. Nurses located in northern nurses’ stations
  8. Occupational therapists
  9. Physiotherapists
  10. Respiratory therapists
  11. Ambulance paramedics
  12. Clinical assistants

Communications initiated by midwives following a Midwifery Assessment and Report by the Physician. 

All of the following considerations must be met in order to claim Tariff 8000.

  • The claim must include:
    - the name and position of the person who initiated the communication
    - the name of the patient concerned, and
    - the time of day the communication was completed
  • Claims for communications respecting patients receiving home care must include the words home care” on the claim.
  • Where more than one patient is discussed in a single communication, a claim may be submitted with respect to each patient discussed.
  • Claims for more than one communication per patient per day should be submitted on a single claim.
  • A maximum of five communications per patient per seven – day week may be claimed.
  • No claim may be made until the physician responds to the medical inquiry made by the other healthcare provider, midwife or pharmacist who initiated the communication.
  • Except as set out above, no claim may be made for communications regarding patients in hospital receiving acute care.
  • No claim may be made for communications in which only a physician proxy, e.g., nurse or clerk, participates.
  • After Hours Premiums may not be claimed in addition, except for urgent or emergent communications.
  • Services shall be documented in the patient’s record as required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, and such documentation is required, upon request by Manitoba Health, to support the claim submitted.
Billing Note

For communications initiated by a Public Health Nurse who is responsible for or assigned the care of a newborn receiving a home visit by a Public Health Nurse in a recognized RHA post-natal program the Health Beginnings — Post-Partum Follow-up Program run by the WRHA would be an example of a recognized program.

Last updated
September 29, 2023