The 16th biennial Cancer Day for Primary Care, a collaboration between the Community Oncology Program at Cancer Care Manitoba and the University of Manitoba, is back. This year, our event will be hybrid, offering both virtual and in-person attendance options at Theater B, 727 McDermot Ave, University of Manitoba. Our focus will be on Genitourinary Cancers, covering topics from Prostate to Renal, Urothelial, Testicular, and Bladder cancers, including screening, work-up, and systemic therapy. What sets this event apart is the opportunity for attendees to submit their own cases for discussion by our expert panel. Join us for a dynamic and informative program.

Learning Objectives

• Appreciate the decision-making process(es) regarding surgical management, radiation therapy, and systemic therapy of Genitourinary cancers.( professional )
• Describe interventions that help improve the quality of life of specific patient populations. ( communicator)
• Describe and undertake required diagnostic work-up for suspected Genitourinary Cancers in Manitoba.( collaborator )
• Explain the services provided by the Cancer Navigation Services, and know when and how to contact them. ( health advocate )
• Identify and/​or manage the acute complications for cancers and of the various therapies provided.( medical expert )


8:30 Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: Prostate Cancer: Screening, Work-up, and Management
8:40 Screening and Diagnosis
8:55 Role of Surgery, Surveillance, and Long-term Effects
9:10 Management of Complications of Radiation Therapies
9:25 Systemic Therapy

Session 2: Renal, Urothelial, and Bladder Cancers: Diagnosis, Work-up for Suspected Patients
9:40 Common Presentation/​Diagnosis
9:55 The Role of CCMB Navigation Team
10:10 Systemic Therapy for Renal Cancer
10:25 Systemic Therapy for Urothelial & Bladder Cancers
10:40 Question & Answer (for Session 1 & Session 2)
11:10 Break

Session 3: Cancer Screening, CAR‑T, and New Therapy Registration Process
11:20 One-Year Update on Cancer Screening in Manitoba
11:40 Chimeric Antigen Receptor‑T (CAR‑T) Cells Update
12:00 New and Upcoming Therapy Registration Process
12:20 Question & Answer

12:35 Lunch Break

Session 4: Testicular Cancer, Oncofertility, Adolescent and Young Adult Program, and Treatment Complication & Symptom Management
13:25 Testicular Cancer Overview
13:40 Treatment Complication & Symptom Management for Testicular Cancer
13:55 Oncofertility – Caring for Your Patients
14:10 Adolescent & Young Adult Program in Manitoba
14:25 Question & Answer

Session 5: Bring your own cases & Panel discussion
14:50: Bring your own cases & Discussion

15:50 Closing & Remarks

Note: Topics and speakers may be subject to change.

Event information will be sent ~24 hours prior to event

**A $50 administrative fee will be applied if cancelled 14 days or more before the event date. No refunds will be given past this date**