Doctors Manitoba recognizes the continuing medical education (CME) needs of eligible practicing physicians vary, and group or team-based learning is a preferred option for some. Doctors Manitoba has expanded the negotiated individual CME Rebate Program to include group based CME.

The program is administered as a grant-based program. All applications will be reviewed and must clearly meet the established criteria.


The primary applicant must be an eligible practicing member of Doctors Manitoba.

Up to $20,000 will be available per grant.

Funding Criteria:

The following funding criteria must be met for the application to be accepted:

  • The CME must occur in Manitoba in 2023.
  • All funds must be utilized in the calendar year in which the request is made (2023). If the event occurred in January or February 2023, before program criteria were announced, applications can be submitted retroactively. 
  • The proposed program must be CME accredited by a provincial, national, or international body.
  • Proposals will outline the learning objectives, the number of eligible practicing physicians attending the CME, and the expected impact of the CME.
  • As articulated in the Master Agreement, all funds must be utilized to support learning activities for eligible practicing physicians only. Other health professionals or students may attend the event, but most of the audience must be eligible practicing physicians.
  • Funds can be applied to support CME accreditation costs including costs related to the speaker such as their fees, travel and accommodations, and costs associated with devices, equipment or other teaching tools. Funds may also be used to support facility rentals and participant meals. All travel and accommodation costs for CME participants should be claimed using the individual CME Rebate Program
  • Only one proposal per physician and clinic/​organization will be considered.
  • All proposals must identify the finance contact for the organization or medical corporation and provide banking information.
  • Approved proposals will be required to recognize Doctors Manitoba as a funder of the CME program.

Funding Exclusions:

The following are ineligible for funding:

  • Staffing positions (contract, term, or permanent EFT)
  • For-profit events
  • Events solely for allied health, non-physicians, residents, or students to attend
  • Sole source funder requests from academic institutions, government, RHAs or colleges. Requests from physicians in these organizations must demonstrate a maximum funding commitment from the host organization.

Review Process:

Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. Up to $450,000 will be available for 2023. As many applications as possible will be supported up to this amount.

Eligibility categories are in place to ensure equitable distribution of funds based on physician practice: 

  • $150,000 allocated for GFT Physicians
  • $150,000 allocated for Rural and Northern Physicians
  • $150,000 allocated for Community-Based Physicians


The initial Call for Proposals is open.

Complete and submit your group CME application form here.

Questions about the Group CME?

For details and more information, contact Barry Hallman at benefits@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

Last updated
April 13, 2023