Doctors Manitoba is advising the public to continue wearing a mask when visiting a doctors’ office or medical clinic, even after provincial restrictions change this Saturday. Doctors’ offices, like hospitals other health care facilities, are continuing to take several precautions to keep patients, visitors and staff protected from COVID-19

Protecting the health and well-being of patients is a priority for physicians, and masks continue to have a benefit in medical settings given the current risk of COVID-19 transmission,” said Dr. Kristjan Thompson, President of Doctors Manitoba. Clinics, hospitals and other health facilities have to be a safe and welcoming environment, especially for patients that may be at increased risk from COVID-19.”

While provincial restrictions are changing on Saturday August 7, several precautions will still be in place in doctors’ offices, medical clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities to maintain a safe environment. Specific precautions may vary based on the specific clinic environment, but generally these measures include:

  • Requiring patients and visitors to screen and report COVID-19 symptoms before entering
  • Requiring patients and visitors to wear masks
  • Providing safe physical distance between patients in common areas like waiting rooms
  • Continuing the use of personal protective equipment by physicians and staff
  • Offering virtual visits as an option for some medical issues

I encourage all Manitobans to stay on top of their medical concerns as well as routine check-ups and immunizations,” added Dr. Thompson. Doctors are continuing to take extra precautions to ensure their clinics and offices are safe for patients to visit, so they can continue to support Manitobans with all their medical needs.”

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