Doctors Manitoba is confirming that the individual advertised as a speaker for the rally in Steinbach this weekend is not a medical doctor.

Medical doctors offer clear advice: Wear a mask.

Masks help to stop the spread of COVID-19, a deadly virus that has already claimed the lives of 132 Manitobans, including 11 people in Steinbach.

It is easy for individuals of all ages to spread COVID-19 without knowing it. The extra restrictions that started yesterday across the province are needed because COVID-19 has been spreading faster and causing more death. Physicians support these restrictions, viewing them as necessary because hospitals are close to being overwhelmed by COVID patients.

To all the families in Steinbach and across Manitoba, please do your part. Stay home, and limit your contacts with others. We know this isn’t easy, but you can help save lives. And once we get past this surge, remember that wearing a mask is one way we can avoid further lock downs in the future.