Over half of Manitobans at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

As pandemic restrictions are eased across the province, physicians are reminding all Manitobans that the need to be cautious about COVID-19 remains.

While the Omicron wave is receding, the risks from COVID-19 are still here,” said Dr. Kristjan Thompson, President of Doctors Manitoba. As pandemic protections are eased, please remember that there’s still a significant risk and a need to take precautions. COVID continues to circulate widely, and many Manitobans remain at increased risk for severe illness or even death from this virus.

There are many factors that can make people more vulnerable to severe outcomes from COVID-19, such as hospitalization, ICU admission or death. Risk factors include age, underlying medical issues, compromised immune systems, obesity, disabilities, history of smoking, and pregnancy, and many of these risk factors are not visible to others. Manitobans who are Indigenous, Black or People of Colour can be at increased risk as well.

There are over 20 risk factors that can make people more vulnerable to COVID-19,” explained Dr. Thompson. As we find ourselves in this critical transitional stage of the pandemic, let’s work together to protect those around us who could be at increased risk.

Doctors Manitoba has launched New​COVID​Nor​mal​.ca to help Manitobans understand the current risks, who is more vulnerable, and what everyone can do to help. Over the next several weeks, physicians recommend Manitobans do the following to help:

  • Understand the risks by visiting New​COVID​Nor​mal​.ca
  • Wear a mask that is good quality and well-fitted
  • Get vaccinated and boosted, especially as easing restrictions increase risks for those who haven’t been fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • Reconnect with others gradually by keeping contacts at a reasonable level and finding fresh air whenever possible.
  • Stay home when ill to avoid spreading COVID to others.

The New​COVID​Nor​mal​.ca resource was created based on public health advice and with the input of physicians with a wide variety of expertise, including in infectious diseases, public health, family medicine, critical care, geriatrics, pediatrics.

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