As mask requirements are updated in hospitals and personal care homes, Manitobans should anticipate seeing similar changes in many doctors’ offices and medical clinics across the province. However, mask policies will vary from clinic-to-clinic, as each is unique and some provide medical care for larger groups of patients who are particularly vulnerable to infections 

Manitobans are asked to do the following when visiting a clinic or doctors’ office:

  1. Check and follow the mask guidance in place at their clinic. 
  2. Call ahead if you have cold/​flu symptoms to notify the clinic and ask for instructions. 
  3. Wear a mask if you do have cold/​flu symptoms, just like in any other health facility.

Patients may ask their physician or other staff in the clinic to wear a mask.

In addition to masks, patients and visitors to clinics are encouraged to take other steps to minimize the risk of illness for themselves and others, including regular hand washing, sneezing or coughing into your elbow, keeping up to date with vaccinations, and staying home when sick.