Doctor’s offices top choice for Manitobans to get vaccine, and boost likelihood vaccine hesitant will get the shot. 

April 192021

Doctors Manitoba released a new research report today that reveals the magnitude of vaccine hesitancy in Manitoba, and how that hesitancy is a significant barrier to achieving herd immunity. The research, conducted to support the provincial vaccine rollout, also finds Manitobans are more likely to get immunized if the vaccines were more readily available at doctors’ offices.

Physicians join all Manitobans in wanting to put this pandemic behind us, but to get there it’s important to offer the vaccine in places Manitobans are familiar with and trust,” said Dr. Cory Baillie, President of Doctors Manitoba. This new, independent research confirms doctors’ offices and medical clinics are overwhelming preferred by Manitobans as their top vaccine location.”

The research report is based on a survey of over 1,000 physicians, as well as a poll of Manitoba adults conducted independently by Probe Research Inc. The research findings help to understand how physicians can play a key role in increasing vaccine uptake in Manitoba:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 Manitobans (88%) would rather receive the vaccine at a doctor’s office or medical clinic, preferred over other locations such as vaccine super sites, pharmacies or community pop-up clinics. 
  • Offering more vaccine doses at more doctors’ offices can also increase vaccine uptake, with 44% of those hesitant about the vaccine indicating they would be more likely to get the shot if they could get it at a doctor’s office. 

We’re in a race against the third wave, and it’s more important than ever to focus both on speed and on targeting limited vaccine doses to those most at risk of severe illness of death from COVID-19,” explained Dr. Baillie. According to the research findings, there is a high level of concern about the third wave and the vaccine rollout among physicians and among Manitobans more broadly:

  • 85% of physicians, and 82% of Manitobans, are worried about the third wave of COVID-19.
  • 88% of physicians, and 83% of Manitobans, believe the vaccine rollout is taking too long.
  • 56% of Manitobans have a hard time finding out when they will be eligible for the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccines are a way out of this pandemic, but right now it appears as though not enough Manitobans are planning on getting immunized,” added Dr. Baillie. The new research uncovers serious concerns about the path to herd immunity in Manitoba:

  • More than two thirds of doctors (68%) are concerned there will not be enough Manitobans immunized to reach herd immunity.
  • While 74% of adults are vaccine willing,” meaning they have received or will receive the shot as soon as possible, this translates to only 57% of the whole population including children and youth. This falls short of herd immunity thresholds of at least 70% to 85%.
  • Just over a quarter of adults (26%) are vaccine hesitant, either not in a rush to get the vaccine or unlikely to get it.

The research report helps to understand vaccine hesitancy in Manitoba. The top reasons for hesitancy include concerns about side effects and worry the vaccines were rushed. Doctors are well-positioned to discuss these concerns with patients, and they have created Man​i​to​baVac​cine​.ca as a resource with answers from physicians to common vaccine questions from the public.

The research also offers hope and reassurance about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines:

  • 95% of doctors have received at least one dose of the vaccine.
  • 80% of Manitobans agree the vaccines approved in Canada are safe.

Nearly all physicians have already been immunized with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines, demonstrating the trust we have in all of the vaccines approved in Canada,” Dr. Baillie noted. Because of the trust doctors have built with patients, they can play a vital role in supporting Manitobans who still have questions or concerns about the new vaccines.”


Doctors Manitoba Research Report: COVID-19 Vaccines: Confidence, Hesitancy and Access

Probe Research Report: Manitobans’ Attitudes and Behaviours Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

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April 192021