New Resource from Doctors Manitoba Includes Advice for Healthy Living and a Fun Contest!

Manitoba’s physicians are encouraging everyone to take a simple step towards Getting Healthy this June, with a chance to win fantastic prizes in the process. Doctors Manitoba has launched a new online resource, Get​tingHealthy​.ca, with advice from physicians about easy steps to get and stay healthy. 

Doctors want to help Manitobans take simple steps towards living healthier lives and have some fun in the process,” explained Dr. Michael Boroditsky, President of Doctors Manitoba. Whether it’s being active or eating well, reducing stress or sleeping better, or catching up on immunizations and medical screenings, our new Get​tingHealthy​.ca resource has practical tips for Manitobans of all ages and abilities to help live healthier lives and prevent diseases.”

Manitobans who pledge to take a simple step towards getting healthy in June can enter to win one of over 30 fantastic prizes at Get​tingHealthy​.ca. The grand prize includes a weekend getaway at The Lake House in Clear Lake, with other great prizes featuring Manitoba experiences and healthy living merchandise. 

We invite all Manitobans to take a step towards Getting Healthy, because even a small simple step can end up making a big difference,” added Dr. Boroditsky.​“The last few years had a lot of disruptions, but as things get back to normal doctors recommend making getting healthy part of our new normal routine.”

Research commissioned by Doctors Manitoba last year found the pandemic disrupted healthy living activities for many Manitobans. A new study last month found more Manitobans have resumed healthy living activities over the last year:

  • 26% of Manitobans rate their health as poor or fair, an improvement from 31% last year, but still much higher than 11% reported by Statistics Canada before the pandemic. 
  • 25% of Manitobans say their focus on healthy living improved over the last two years, which is an improvement from 17% reported last year. 28% reported that it worsened. 

However, most Manitobans (83%) believe they aren’t doing enough or could be doing more when it comes to physical activity, eating well, improving their sleep, reducing their stress, and catching up on immunizations and medical screenings. This is why Manitoba’s Doctors created Getting Healthy, to support the 4 in 5 Manitobans who believe they could be doing more to be live a healthy life. 

The Getting Healthy campaign runs until June 30, with winners announced in early July. The contest is open to all Manitoba residents and is free to enter at Get​tingHealthy​.ca.

Further information on the public surveys is available here.