Doctors Manitoba released a Prescription for Health Care today with a series of recommendations to improve health care for Manitobans over the next five years. This includes focusing on recruiting 650 more doctors and other health care workers as well as implementing targeted changes to reduce wait times and improve access to care for all Manitobans. 

Manitoba’s health care system is struggling and Manitoba’s doctors are offering a plan to improve it,” said Dr. Michael Boroditsky, President of Doctors Manitoba. Between unreasonably long wait times and struggling to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, we need a clear path forward to stabilize and improve health care for all Manitobans.” 

The seven-point plan to improve health care includes:

  1. Aggressively expanding team-based care, including adding 250 health professionals into physician practices, such as primary care, community-based specialist practices, and hospitals. 
  2. Recruiting and retaining more doctors and other providers, including adding 400 more doctors over the next five years to reach the Canadian average of physicians per 100,000 residents.
  3. Building up hospital capacity to be ready for seasonal surges and once-in-a-generation pandemics, as well as developing alternatives to hospital care particularly for elderly patients. 
  4. Expanding mental health and addictions care, including recruiting more psychiatrists and psychologists and expanding evidence-based substance use services.
  5. Reducing wait times, particularly for equity-deserving groups that often encounter barriers when accessing health care. 
  6. Focusing on prevention, including increasing uptake of screening and immunizations, supporting Manitobans in taking steps towards getting healthy, and addressing the determinants of health starting with children.
  7. Promoting innovation, including carefully exploring the potential of artificial intelligence in medicine, introducing a true single patient electronic record, and extending high speed internet to more rural and remote communities. 

Our plan proposes innovative and aggressive steps that can make Manitoba a leader in Canada, such as expanding team-based care in physician practices to improve access and quality in health care, reducing wait times, and expanding mental health and addictions services” noted Dr. Boroditsky. 

The Doctors Manitoba Prescription for Health Care was developed following months of consultations with physicians and research to develop practical recommendations focused on the next four years. It addresses challenges in the health system following the pandemic and builds on recent advancements including a new Physician Services Agreement announced last month. 

Our plan responds to the concerns physicians hear everyday from our patients,” added Dr. Boroditsky. We are offering practical advice to all political parties in advance of the next provincial election, which is appropriate considering health care is the top concern for Manitobans as they prepare to cast their ballots this fall.”

Doctors Manitoba is a non-partisan association representing physicians in Manitoba. Our mandate is to ensure every physician has the support they need to deliver exceptional care to Manitobans. This includes advocating for a better health care system for physicians and their patients. 

Click here to see the full report, Prescription for Health Care.