Physicians will respond to vaccine questions from local residents

A series of four vaccine town halls have been planned by Doctors Manitoba for the week of June 21. The sessions will allow Manitobans to ask questions and raise concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines and get answers directly from physicians.“As doctors, we care about the health of Manitobans and we want to share what we know about the COVID-19 vaccines,” said Dr. Kristjan Thompson, President of Doctors Manitoba. Manitobans can always get advice from their physician, and now our town halls will offer another option to get the answers you need about the vaccines.“Manitobans can send in questions in advance at Man​i​to​baVac​cine​.ca or submit them live during town halls, which will be broadcast on YouTube. Each town hall will feature a panel of doctors, with over fifteen physicians and medical experts participating in the four town halls.

The following town halls are planned next week:

Dr. Thompson noted there is a lot of information circulating about the vaccines right now, some accurate and some misleading. These are new vaccines for a new disease. It’s natural to have questions, and doctors want to share the facts so you can make an informed decision about getting immunized.”

Manitobans can access answers to common vaccine questions anytime at Man​i​to​baVac​cine​.ca, a site created by physicians about COVID-19 vaccines.