Manitoba Expands Access to 2nd Booster (4th Dose)

At 11AM today, the Manitoba Public Health will announce that eligibility for a second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has been expanded to more groups, with a change to the interval timing. This could generate calls to doctors’ offices, so we are providing a brief update.

Updated Eligibility for Second Booster Dose

  • NEW - Individuals age 50+ are now eligible for a second booster dose (previously age 70+)
  • NEW — First Nations, Inuit and Métis people age 30+ (previously age 50+), regardless of where they live. 
  • NEW - Individuals age 18 – 49 who are moderately to severely immuno-compromised
  • Residents of personal care homes or elderly persons congregate living sites with no age limit (no change in eligibility)

Dosing Interval

  • NEW — For a first booster dose, the minimum recommended interval is now four months, down from six months
  • NEW — For a second booster dose, the minimum recommended interval is now four months, down from six months

A reminder that a first and second booster dose follow the primary series. This is generally two doses for most people, but three doses for moderately to severely immuno-compromised individuals. The memo to physicians from Manitoba Public Health provides additional guidance for physicians about counselling patients on the individual risks and benefits. 

Please see Public Health’s memo here.

The new eligibility for second boosters doses is broader than what is currently recommended by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), which currently recommends second boosters for age 80+, residents of long term care facilities, with consideration to offering a second booster to those age 70 – 79 on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. 

COVID Treatment Options — Webinar at 12:15 Today

In our newsletter yesterday, we outlined a significant change in access to Paxlovid, shifting from a referrals to prescriptions, starting today. You can see our update here.

Register Now for our short webinar today (Friday) at 12:15PM to learn more about Paxlovid and prescribing. A recording will be available after for on-demand streaming. 

Last updated
December 13, 2023