A new tariff has been created for physicians to recognize the added work with accepting a patient into your care following an inter-facility transfer. This tariff may be claimed by the physician who receives the patient, in addition to the standard examination tariffs currently available.

Inter-facility Transfer (Acceptance) $50.00

The tariff may be claimed by a physician accepting care for a patient in any rural hospital (including Brandon), long term care facility, or community hospital, who is on record of receiving the transferred patient. The patient transfer must originate from a separate health care facility. Transfers between Tertiary Care Hospitals (HSC, St. Boniface. and Grace) are not eligible.

The new tariff may be claimed in addition to a complete examination (tariff 8540) or an unassigned complete history (tariff 8594) when the patient is unknown to the physician.

Last updated
September 28, 2023