A new community-based practice support supplement will provide a payment per in-person patient encounter starting October 1, 2023. This new tariff is being introduced to recognize the escalating clinic costs that can be associated with in-person visits in a community setting. The nature of providing in-person hands-on care and associated costs were considered in the creation of this tariff.

Community Based Practice Supplement $3.50

Tariff 8380 Community based practice supplement may be claimed in addition to an office/​home visit where practice expenses are incurred. Like any community-based tariff, 8380 shall be claimed by individual physicians. A maximum of fifty (50) claims for tariff 8380 may be claimed per physician in any twenty-four period.

Billing Note

Tariff 8380 is available only to community-based practices where the practice expenses are incurred by the physician. It may not be claimed in addition to services performed at a hospital, personal care home or other publicly-funded facility or a facility on contract with a Health Authority to perform insured services.

Doctors Manitoba understands that whenever new tariffs or enhancements are introduced, there are often conversations about whether or not adjustments are needed for the overhead arrangements for physicians in community-based clinics. Doctors Manitoba encourages all physicians and clinic owners to approach this dialogue with mutual respect and fairness in mind.

Last updated
September 28, 2023