Wound repair is one of the most common procedures performed by physicians in their offices and Emergency Rooms. There is an extensive selection of tariffs listed in the Integumentary System section of the Physician’s Manual which may be claimed in relation to wound repair. 

Most minor primary repairs/​closure of lacerations are claimed under Tariff 0251* Wound repair, (local anesthetic included) simple, any location

In this case, simple repair generally means a one-layer repair of a superficial wound that involves only the epidermis, dermis or subcutaneous tissues without the involvement of deeper structures. 

Claim Tariff 0251* for a wound’s primary closure by any method, including steri-strips or glue.

Billing Notes

  • Claim a visit fee at the time of the repair provided that an assessment of the wound was medically necessary;
  • As Tariff 0251* is asterisked, meaning all required follow-up visits will be paid by Manitoba Health;
  • Claim a wound closure requiring only bandaging under a visit fee.

Physicians are encouraged to review page D‑7 of the Physician’s Manual for tariffs applicable to the repair of linear wounds that are large or more serious/​complex.

Last updated
April 8, 2021