Manitoba Health and the CPSM do not need to pre-approve claims for physicians’ basic lung function tests of simple spirometry, recording of FVC and FEV/1 (Tariffs 9882, 9878 or 9881) or forced expiration measuring FVC, FEV/1, FEV/1/FVC and MMEFR with and without drug administration (Tariffs 8810, 8811, 8812, 8850, 8813 or 8814). 

When a physician provides these services in a private office, claim the total fee (i.e., professional and technical components). The technical component covers the cost of equipment and the administration of any drugs. 

Billing Note:

Suppose the sole purpose of the visit is for the lung function test. In that case, do not claim a visit tariff as well. For all other lung function tests, including complex lung function, gas exchange and pulmonary provocation studies listed on Physician’s Manual pages G‑8 thru G‑10, payments are made only for claims for services rendered in a facility designated by Manitoba Health. 

Contact Doctor’s Manitoba for assistance if you are interested in initiating such services.

Last updated
April 8, 2021