Occasionally, a physician will use a fine needle to biopsy a palpable, superficial lesion. Generally, there will not be a fine needle biopsy tariff listed in the Physician’s Manual specific to the anatomical region of interest. Manitoba Health has confirmed that, in these situations, you may submit a claim under Tariff 0171* Biopsy of skin, subcutaneous tissue or mucous membrane, including simple closure or punch biopsy (Independent Procedure).

Billing Notes

A single fee is payable regardless of the number of fine needle passes used to obtain the specimen. A biopsy of a second, distinct, palpable lesion at the same sitting would be paid at 100%.

Tariff 0171* is an asterisked tariff. Accordingly, the usual management of the case and follow-up care will be paid in addition.

Tariff 0171* is an independent procedure; hence, it may not be claimed if the biopsy performed was integral to another procedure.

Last updated
April 8, 2021