In Manitoba the interpretation of a Holter monitor recording is only an insured service when the device is installed in a hospital under the direction of an appropriately trained physician. The interpretation of this recording is billed under tariff 9841 Continuous ambulatory monitoring, professional fee for interpretation of the recording.

When the device is installed outside of a hospital e.g., a private clinic, this service is not insured. Doctors Manitoba recommends that you bill the patient directly for Holter monitor services when the device is installed outside of a hospital. Your fee should cover both the technical and professional aspects of delivering the service. No claim should be submitted under tariff 9841 in this circumstance.

As with any uninsured service it is important that you advise the patient of the fee prior to providing the service. We also recommend that for Holter monitors you explain to the patient that the service is only available on an insured basis through the hospital.

Last updated
June 22, 2022