Manitoba Health cards contain two identifying numbers: a 6‑digit family registration number and a 9‑digit personal health identification number (PHIN).

Any changes to the registered individual’s address or family status are to be reported to Manitoba Health within one month after the change has occurred. Fail to do so, and Manitoba Health has the right to cancel the individual’s 6‑digit family registration number. 

To assist in keeping health registration information accurate and up to date, each month, Manitoba Health mails out registration verification forms to approximately 6,000 Manitobans who have had no activity on their 6‑digit family registration number for one year. No reply is necessary if there is no change to the information contained in the registration verification form. However, if a change has occurred, that change is to be reported. 

Manitoba Health will investigate further if they receive back any of these mailings marked moved” or deceased.” For mailings marked moved,” Manitoba Health will look at any recent physician claims corresponding to the person’s family registration number to ascertain if the address on the physician’s claim is different than the address contained in the mailing. If so, a follow-up letter is sent to that other address. Manitoba Health will cancel the individual’s 6‑digit family registration number and 9‑digit PHIN number if there is no response to the follow-up letter.

As part of the Master Agreement, Manitoba Health will provide Manitoba physicians with EpiCS infrastructure in the office(s) and can access the Insurance Registry (iREG). However, physicians should instruct their office staff to ask to see each patient’s health card upon the patient presenting to the office and to ask them if their current address corresponds to the card’s address. Suppose the current address does not correspond to the address on the card. In that case, the patient should be instructed to report the change immediately to Manitoba Health, to avoid the possibility of having their health registration cancelled. 

Changes may be reported 24-hours a day, seven days a week, by calling Manitoba Health’s automated voice-mail system at (204) 7867101 or toll-free at 18003921207.

NOTE: Effective the date of death as reported to Manitoba Health by the Vital Statistics Agency or by the deceased’s family, Manitoba Health deletes the appropriate PHIN number. Manitoba Health will pay claims concerning services rendered to the deceased up to and including the date of death, provided that Manitoba Health receives the claims within six months from the date of service.

Last updated
April 8, 2021